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Blincos Butcher's

Traditional butcher's shop in La Roda

We are a traditional butcher’s shop from the villages of La Mancha, where you can find all kinds of meats and sausages from La Mancha:

Manchego lamb

The Manchego lamb, born and raised in our own livestock, offers a tender and tasty meat, nothing to do with the lamb consumed in the rest of Spain.

The slaughter pig

The pig from which we make all the products of the slaughter, a tradition that is gradually being lost.
You can find chorizos manchegos, onion black pudding, guarra, cured sausages and chorizos, cured pork loins, homemade hams with paprika, pork loin and ribs, salted bacon, blanquillos, etc…
All made with natural spices and the recipe inherited by our mother Angelines from her home town of Fuensanta.

Our main strength lies in the fact that we slaughter our meat ourselves, as we are founding members of the cooperative of slaughterers of La Roda.

Nowadays, it is a luxury to be able to eat fresh, healthy meat, free from the chemical treatments suffered by supermarket trays and large supermarkets.

In La Roda, buy at Blincos butchers and you will discover the taste of tradition.

Carnicería Blincos

Ana Isabel González Núñez

Calle Campoamor, 33 - 02630 La Roda