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Rodanoble Cheese Factory

Artisan cheeses with history...

Quesos Rodanoble was founded in 1998 with the aim of producing Manchego cheese with milk from our own livestock.

We have an artisan, yet modern production plant, where we try to mechanise all the production processes where the quality does not diminish, in fact, it even improves.

The most important process, where we fill the cheese moulds, is carried out manually, thus obtaining a totally artisan product.

With different maturities and weights, we try to ensure that the flavour that accompanies our cheeses is uniform and homogeneous when it comes to satisfying the most exquisite tastes.

Our Manchego cheese is produced under the registered trademark “La Desica”. The name comes from the place where we are located in La Roda.

“La Desica” is a product with denomination of origin, certified by the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Manchego Cheese.

“Castillo de Robda” is an artisan cheese with designation of origin, made from unpasteurised raw sheep’s milk.

We make the rest of our cheeses under the “Rodanoble” trademark:

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