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    In order for a cheese to be officially classified as Manchego cheese with Designation of Origin, it must meet certain characteristics established by the regulatory council of the designation of origin. To begin with, it must, of course, be made in the region of Castilla La Mancha. All our cheeses are made in La Roda de Albacete. It must be…

We have a large catalogue with all kinds of cheeses, among which we can highlight the Manchego sheep’s cheeses, made by ourselves.

All of them are made with 100% pasteurised sheep’s milk, with the exception of the so-called “artisan” cheeses, which are made with unpasteurised raw milk in the traditional way.

We take care of the whole manufacturing process, we have our own sheep, which we look after, graze and milk in order to always have the best quality milk we can obtain. With that milk, we make our cheeses in our factory, the same way we have been doing it for years.

In our online shop you have available different sizes and formats, we have all the variants you could be looking for:

Tender Cheese, with a scarce maturation, it is the softest of all, but not for that reason, the least tasty.

  • Semi-cured cheeses, matured for two to three months.
  • Cured cheeses, matured for 3 to 6 months.
  • Rosemary cheese, made with aromatic herbs.
  • Aged or old cheese, matured for one year, for the most demanding palates.
  • Cheese with Black Truffle, a unique and different flavour.

All of them are available in 5 different formats, so that you can buy your cheese or Manchego cheese regardless of the quantity you need and with the variety you want:

  • 260g cheese wedge
  • 1/2 Cheese (450g)
  • 900g cheese
  • 1.9kg cheese
  • 3 to 4kg cheese

Many of our cheeses have the La Mancha Denomination of Origin label, which is awarded exclusively to cheeses made in our region from Manchega breed sheep’s milk. In the case of those cheeses that are not pasteurised when they are made, the Artisan label is also added.

Manchego cheese, as is well known throughout the world, is one of the highest quality cheeses in existence, in fact, it is the most famous and most commercialised cheese outside our country. It is a cheese with a long history, dating back to 1872.

It is perfect to accompany the exceptional wines of our region or any other type of accompaniment.

It can be served as is, as a cheese board, added to salads, pasta or with nuts and dried fruit.

If you are looking for the authentic Manchego flavour of our region, our cheeses are the perfect choice. We dedicate time, passion and enthusiasm to the whole process involved in their production. From the selection of the best sheep, their care and the improvement of the technology to make them, always combining it with tradition. We also take care of the distribution and sale so that everyone can enjoy them at home.