In order for a cheese to be officially classified as Manchego cheese with Designation of Origin, it must meet certain characteristics established by the regulatory council of the designation of origin.

To begin with, it must, of course, be made in the region of Castilla La Mancha. All our cheeses are made in La Roda de Albacete.

It must be made from 100% Manchega sheep’s milk. This milk, together with the way this type of cheese is made, is what gives it its characteristic flavour, which is so highly valued and in demand.

Our company, Blincos S.L. is one of the few cheese dairies that have been recognised by the regulatory council, granting us the title of manufacturers of products with protected species designation of origin.

This is not just an administrative seal, but a source of pride for being part of the tradition of our people, of the gastronomy of our land and of the memory of our ancestors.

A Manchego cheese with Designation of Origin is special, it is a piece of the history and customs of our region. We have been making them since 1968, with the same commitment and dedication as at the beginning. Otherwise, we could not be here today to offer it to you.

To recognise if a Manchego cheese is authentic with designation of origin:

  • The commercial label must specify that it is a Manchego cheese with Designation of Origin.
  • On the opposite side of the commercial label, you will find a sticker embedded in the rind that validates its authenticity.
  • Attached to the commercial label, you will find another numbered sticker with the logo of the Denomination of Origin, except for smaller cheeses.
  • You can also find the European quality mark, which was awarded to the La Mancha denomination of origin.