Matured for just enough time to obtain a quality soft cheese from which the essence of the sheep’s milk can be tasted. Soft, it melts without lacking any of the essence that sheep’s milk cheese has to offer.

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Discover the softness and creamy texture of our fabulous Rodanoble Tender Sheep Cheese. With the ideal maturing process, we have managed to bring out all the flavour of sheep’s milk in a tender, young cheese.

It has a delicate dairy flavour with a very mild aroma and consistency. Not forgetting, of course, that buttery sensation that is a trademark of all cheeses produced with 100% sheep’s milk. It has a mild smell with herbal notes and a shiny white surface.

Made with pasteurised 100% sheep’s milk. Matured for 10 days.

Keep refrigerated between 5 and 10 ºC. Protect the cut surface for better preservation.

The kilo costs 10,90 euros.