Cured for the optimum time in lard mixed with rosemary, it stands out for the combination of flavours of the sheep’s milk of a cured cheese with that of aromatic herbs. Great texture and better flavour, with everything you would expect from a sheep’s milk cheese.

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In a Rosemary Cheese you will appreciate its texture and great characteristic flavour by mixing the butter used for the curing process with the aromatic herbs that give it that characteristic flavour, added to the essence that a sheep’s cheese provides.

Very fine dairy flavour with notes of aromatic herbs, smooth consistency and a spectacular smell.

Made with 100% pasteurised ewe’s milk. Matured for 4 to 5 months.

Keep refrigerated between 5 and 10 ºC. Protect the cut surface for better preservation.

The price per kilo is 13,90 euros.

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270g. wedge, 1/2 480g. cheese, 950g. cheese, 2kg. cheese, 3,2kg. cheese, 3,2kg. cheese.