Rodanoble, La Desica and Castillo de Robda Cheese Tasting Pack. In wedges or mini cheese format, a selection of 6 different types of cheese to suit all tastes. The pack includes:

1x Semi-cured Rodanoble
1x Cured cheese D.O. La Desica
1x Cured with Truffle Rodanoble
1x Cured with Rosemary Rodanoble
1x Añejo Gran Reserva Rodanoble
1x Artisan Castillo de Robda

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Tasting pack of different cheeses for all tastes. The pack includes 6 different types of cheese, among which we find the usual Semicured, Cured with Denomination of Origin La Mancha, Añejo and Rosemary Cheese.

They are accompanied by the most outstanding cheeses in our catalogue, such as the Artisan Castillo de Robda, made from 100% unpasteurised raw sheep’s milk, and the latest addition to our catalogue, the Cured with Truffle Rodanoble, which is delighting everyone who tries it.

All the cheeses are made with 100% milk from our own sheep and manufactured by us. You can choose this Pack in 2 different formats, both in wedges and mini cheeses.

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Wedges, Mini Cheeses


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